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rice barn oil press machine

Model No.︰6YL-95.
Brand Name︰-
Country of Origin︰China
Unit Price︰-
Minimum Order︰1 pc
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Product Description
model:6YL-95.                                                                                                   Pressed diameter: 95mm.                                                                            Pressed speed: 70-75r/min
Oil extraction amount:150-235kg/h
weght:1000KGS.                                                                                            dimension:1900x1400x1700(mm).
How it works:
Operation of the oil press, treated good material from the hopper into the virgin bore. Pressed the rotation of the screw axis, the embryo of material constantly advancing to the inside, squeezing out the oil. The one hand, the helical axis of the root diameter gradually thickening, the pitch is gradually reduced, the advance of such materials in the virgin bore, the volume is constantly being compressed, the pressure is constantly being increased to meet the pressure of the grease precipitation required. On the other hand, due to the movement of material embryo oil press of virgin bore, high-pressure conditions of the virgin bore, between the embryo material and virgin snails, material embryo and extra virgin bore a lot of frictional resistance; thread so that the material embryo to move forward at the same time, continue to flip out, close to the virgin screw thread surface of the material layer but also with the squeezed axis rotational, so that the particles of each material in the virgin bore embryo is not a constant velocity in the same direction movement, but in between the particles, there is relative motion. Heat generated by the movement to meet the necessary heat in the oil extraction process operation, and help to promote the material embryo protein thermal denaturation and destruction of a colloid, increased plasticity, reducing the viscosity of the grease to make it easy to precipitate, thereby enhancing oil press oil extraction rate.
Payment Terms︰T/T
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