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onion peeling machine

Model No.︰YB-1
Brand Name︰-
Country of Origin︰China
Unit Price︰-
Minimum Order︰1 pc
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Product Description

model:SQY-YB-1                                                                                       Power: 1.75 (kw)                                                                              Voltage: 380/480v (V)
Dimensions: 2* 1.0 * 2 (m)                                                           productivity:700-1000KGS/H                                                                                Usage: onion skinning, onion rolls, onion rings, onion slices                                                                                                             Net Weight: 220 (kg).                                                                                                The machine with the air pump needs 22 kW or 30 hp pump. Air pressure above 0,7.

2. The machine adopts no knife peeling,so the onion peel out no point,

no damage, look perfect. And other manufacturers at home and abroad by the way of the blade peeling, because blade cutting depths different,cause onion surface has point, cut, Onion cut parts to easily infect bacteria and not easy to deposit, extremely easy damage,this is the other equipment can conquer malpractice, and the device without the blade peeling, more prominent our equipment advanced, the superiority.

3、Cutting adopt the conveyor belt continuous work, head and tail one-time resection, speed, high efficiency.

4、This machine is little energy consumption, large output,can peeling 2000-2500kg/h,in the current onion peeling machinery industry is unique, and our motor power only 3.25 KW,air compressor exhaust pressure 8-10 MPa,displacement 4-5 m3/ min.Save energy and reduce the cost.

5、This product use standard parts design, chain conveyor belt, bearings, skeleton and so on all adopts 304 stainless steel materials production, durable, peeling the rubber roll is the imported materials, wear-resisting degree is high.Equipment of various kinds of cylinder, belongs to the general standard parts,in the world the pressure of the parts shop can buy.Use these machines cheaper, highest cost-effective!

Payment Terms︰T/T
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