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big sugar cane crusher

  • big sugar cane crusher
  • big sugar cane crusher
Model No.︰BSCE1000
Brand Name︰-
Country of Origin︰China
Unit Price︰-
Minimum Order︰1 pc
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Product Description

model:BSCE1000.                                                                              Power 4-5.5KW
Production 1000KG / H
Body size 120*100*100CM
Package size: 128*108*104CM
voltage:380v/50hz                                                                                                                                                          Output:4ton/hour. 
V. Instructions:

1, before you use check machine to clear the dirt inside the machine in gear and the oil cup plus lubricants.

2, to determine diesel engine or the power of this machine use conform to the requirements to determine the correct direction of rotation.

First start sugarcane machine, run for 1 minute, until the machine was operating normally, and then squeezed sugar cane.
Sixth, safety instructions:
1, cleaning, maintenance, moving the machine, be sure to cut off the power supply.
, Can not touch the power plug with wet hands, at the beginning, be careful of electric shock.
3, the use of this product, not to allow children near.
4, please use the machine on a stable place.
5, it is not an hand touch the parts of the machine is in operation.
6, such as in the use of the process fails, you should immediately turn off the power, to stop using checks.
7, if the product fails to avoid danger, do not arbitrarily open repair, please contact with the company or your local dealer.
8 Note that the switch at the pros and cons of direction signs to prohibit finger into the body's internal.
9, not nails, needles, and other metal objects fall into the machine is running, to avoid damage to the components.

Payment Terms︰T/T
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