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walking sugar cane harvester

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Country of Origin︰China
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Minimum Order︰1 pc
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Product Description
 walking sugar cane harvester.

Application scope,Plain,coteau,soft sugarcane field.
Function,Reap,spread sugarcane,and corn,etc.
1.It can reap and pave sugarcanes in various natural state such as downfallen curl,and height thickness,etc,with strong adaptive capacity.                     2.Sugarcane pave and put neatly after harvestry,easy to make a process operate it.
3. The knife can cut deepening in 20-30mm soil layer,the broken-head rate is lower than 20% of the national standards.
4.Able to cut and pave 1.5-2 mu of sugarcane per hour,is 7-10 times of paved artificial one,has improved working efficiency,reduced labour intensity.
5. With S195 diesel motor,enough power,low oil comsume,economic.
6. Adapting advanced equipments,Japanese technology,and got State patent.

1,Type:Step spread on right
2,Engine:S1100 diesel engine(12.1KW)
3,Power (KW):12.1kw
4,Structure weight(Kg):1300
5,]Sizes(mm):3730(L)*2260 (W)*1970(H)
6,Working efficiency(Productivity):5000kg/h
7,Oil consumption:0.15Kg/h
8,Damaging rate:20%
9,Speed:go 0.34-0.70(m/s) back 0.29-0.61(m/s)
11,Working distance:1000mm~1500mm


Payment Terms︰T/T
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